September 28, 2021

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The Tactical Games Athlete Spotlight

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The Tactical Games Athlete Spotlight:

Willie McLendon (@wfm_iv)

“I am the owner and head coach of CrossFit 3040 (@cf3040) in Lewisville, TX, and running the gym has been my full time job since February of 2013.

Since being introduced to CrossFit in 2009, I have competed in local CrossFit style events, and spent a few years focused on Olympic Weightlifting (competing at State and Masters National meets).

One day I stumbled across a post talking about the Tactical Games, and seeing something that combined fitness with shooting had me excited about training for something new. My wife (@emmclendon) also expressed interest, and decided to start training with me so she could compete too. I participated in the first Skirmish at Triple C Range (@triplecrange) in Sept 2019. I felt it was good practice so I went to most of the Skirmishes over the next year. In 2020 we both (Emily and I) participated at Reveille Peak and Triple C Tactical Games events.

I have met some great people at the Skirmishes and The Tactical Games events. I used to look forward to seeing our crew every month out at Triple C for the skirmish. but I’m excited to see the announcement recently that the Skirmish will continue in Texas (@texasshootingacademy), even though it is a bit further from us now.

I still have a lot to learn about shooting and making hits more consistently in this sport. Growing up I hunted, but did not start shooting recreationally until I was almost 30. Opening my business, hobbies had to take a back seat for several years, and I did not get back into shooting until 2019. In May I turn 42, and participating in the Skirmishes and The Tactical Games is a lot of fun, and gives me another reason to train and keep pushing my limits.

Thank you to @jake.mizell@halbertjrod@fitsarahwilliams, and everyone else involved in keeping The Tactical Games moving forward.”

Eileen Herron (@elleherron)

“Growing up and well into my 30s, I never once had the opportunity to handle a weapon. It simply wasn’t a hobby pursued by anyone in my family or those in my circle. Not that I minded at the time – I’d always been an avid athlete and had until then kept busy with whatever marathon, triathlon or Crossfit competition sparked my competitive interest. So when I met Jon (Lombardo) some 6 years ago and was introduced to shooting, it was something with which I was completely unfamiliar. Initially, he’d convinced me to join him at the range and fire a round or two at the target. Over time, I found myself taking part more and more in what became weekly trips to the range.

Enter the Tactical Games. In the summer of 2018, Jon happened to stumble upon an online thread which detailed an up and coming competition combining functional fitness and shooting. He almost immediately afterward signed up for the 2nd ever Tactical Games in Fayetteville, NC in October 2018. By chance, I joined him on this trip as a spectator. We both immediately fell in love with the community. I went on to watch Jon compete at 7 more Tactical Games events across the United States (and had him PROPOSE at one as well) before deciding it was time to toss my hat into the ring in September 2020. Less than 6 months later (at my 3rd competition), I was fortunate enough to take home a 2nd place trophy.

Bottom line: the Tactical Games is a competition that even someone like myself, with quite literally zero shooting or military/LEO experience, can take on as a challenge and come out successfully (with a good deal of training and commitment).

The Tactical Games Athlete Spotlight

Greg Everett (@catalystathletics)

“I was forced to retire from competitive weightlifting after blowing out my shoulder at the 2015 National Championships. I needed something to direct my training after a couple years of rehabbing it and being unable to return to my previous competitive level.

A navy friend of mine found The Tactical Games and talked me into doing his first one with him. I hadn’t shot a gun of any kind in 15 years. I bought a pistol and rifle just for TTG shortly before the competition (Meridian, MS 2019).

My training is geared mostly toward TTG but I continue weightlifting as much as my traitorously aging body allows to maintain the skill and mobility. I also continue to stay in touch as a professional coach. I put fairly little time into shooting (as is apparent in competition), and I have pretty poor eyesight. So my limited success relies on exploiting my rapidly declining physical abilities to a medically inadvisable extent, and my remaining stubbornness.

The appeal to me (despite the silliness of running) as someone who still after 10+ TTGs isn’t particularly interested in shooting itself. It is the combination of physical demands that are also unpredictable to some extent, with a fine motor skill that is still challenging to me. It demands a mindset that is unique while being similar in many ways to weightlifting competition. Even though these two sports are completely different, the drive that I have for them is what makes me keep coming back to compete.”

The Tactical Games – Price Utah

Masters 40+ Podium

1. Kirk Holmer (@kirkholmer)
2. Brandon Wycoff (@nonnie_popo)
3. Brett Lawrenson

This was Kirk’s second event this year representing @blackriflecoffee. He placed second at @texasshootingacademy and now first in his home state of Utah! Congrats Kirk! Big thank you to BRCC for all the support!

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