January 19, 2021

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The purpose and the plan

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The purpose and the plan are to live vitality, to seek out challenges, to embrace our uniqueness, to go against the grain and change the weak culture time and time again despite the losses to our “self”. We must give in to pain and discomfort until our mission is done. We must fight the hounds of Hell and all of the world’s pain. Surrendering to a purpose or a plan doesn’t come easily to most men. It’s not easy and it’s not natural. We fight our own emotions. We fight the dictums telling us we must find our place in an unnatural world that is constantly changing while we stand there watching it transpire. Our life expires as we seemingly stoically stand still. We seem to gain life and meaning only when we take action. The hero of most myths is one who fights against an irrational world and brings sensibility to a people on the brink of extinction even if he too feels hopeless. His resolve delivers freedom and more life in some capacity to the oblivious and the fearful. If he is well practiced in his discipline, he may be able to deeply tune into the voices calling to him. The voices tell him to fight against the pox petrifying men and to take his own place in the world but he might not want to. He must fight against destructive forces that corrupt the world. He may feel like fleeing, or surrendering to the persuasive force, and if he does nothing he will be forgotten or become like the other helpless ones. He must hear the voices or another hero will rise and come. Yes, sometimes we will suffer a loss of our self. No matter, face out across the mountain ranges and listen to the voices. Thank those who taught you how to get up there. Surrender to them. Stretch your wings like an eagle and fly through your fear. Do it now.

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