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The Lion Never Loses to the Lamb

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My thoughts: “Gunfire, explosions and death all have a way of waking up those who are asleep. After violent and somber events, perhaps more people have actually woken to the fact that no amount of brick and mortar can defend them against terrorists intent on killing everyone, and in order to have a chance at survival the average citizen must stop living with his or her illusions and instead choose to wake up to the realization our world is just plumb full of crazy people.

Walls and doors can shield us from most criminals who want to get in but there are limitations to what barriers can do. Every nation has a public and private industry built around convincing people that they will be more protected by having the latest and greatest tools. Every society has a crime control program that is supposed to prevent “the lunatics from taking over the asylum”.

Every culture has a process-driven approach in designing its cities. What good are tools if you don’t know how to use them, or cities if your reliance is solely on it to protect you from harm? Paris, the art house of the world known for its elegant and stylishly, fashionable pyramid-entrance outside the Louvre museum beckons tourists to enter.

Liberte fraternite egalite! All that is chic in the free world will end if the mentality of the average French citizen who lives day to day existentially doesn’t soon catch up with criminals who have a purpose and a plan. The idea of survival should be equally important to the epicurean and the ascetic. Every village, town and city from here to Timbuktu holds a complex eco-system of independent people, community and businesses, each pursuing their own goals and frankly many of them don’t give a damn about you. If you want to live, then you have to start taking control over your own life. Choosing to live purposively regarding security and safety, with a mentality towards survival, must work in unison with human constructs if you want a better chance at living. Do not solely rely on a city to protect you from harm. Whether it is a bamboo wall or a Star Wars blast shield makes no difference. In the physical world the lion never loses to the lamb.”~Michael Kurcina

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