December 2, 2021

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Poetry: The Coming Fire

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“Adorn them in hammered ribbons of gold

Bloodstones for the weak, rubies for the bold.

Ships to the sea with God’s holy fire;

Burning prow alight, mortal Viking’s pyre.

Ravens in the eaves watch ghosts on the hill,

While sea gods wrestle o’er a dead man’s will.

Pagan kings clamber o’er what wounded dies.

Wise Odin sacrifices his eyes for eyes,

Cursed empires drown in fire and blood.

Mythologies dissolved into ancient mud;

Comes the Second Coming and the second power

From ash heaps and shadows rises an eternal flower.” By Michael Kurcina

I’d like to see more people write and I encourage them to. Would I love to spend more time on this craft of writing poetry, sure. Everything seems to get in the way. If you think you have a story to tell, tell it, and make time for it. Am I happy with the outcome of this one? No, but it’s what I made time for. I don’t care if your job is stacking bodies or furniture. I encourage you to write poetry, stories, blog articles, whatever. Create!

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