June 23, 2021

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The Art of Destruction

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FORGED “Men who dislike the loss of power should be reminded that accelerated learning is best done when the truest submission is used to obtain the knowledge at hand, because the mind’s doors of perception are opened by some degree to reception. The pupil yields to the instruction of the sword master, the shooter yields to the lessons of the gun master, the boot yields to the executions of the drill master.

In one extreme example young men who board military buses headed to a life they don’t yet comprehend give up a good measure of their control for a sustained singularity of control over the direction of their life. Becoming completely powerless is a trade done in order to become a formidable weapon. They grew because they had no real comprehension of their specific expectations, lacked pretensions those false assertions, lacked claim on anything in order to gain something vital by letting a director control the influence of their life. They must trust.

In giving up power they obtained power. They obtained knowledge by giving up knowledge and through sincere sacrifice of self-became a new self. This is something that not all men or women can do because it requires a certain kind of mindset willing to learn through submission. Those who go through the hardest grist mill will find themselves becoming the most talented destroyer of men, because they understand how, when, where, why and upon whom to apply their newly acquired power. Men like swords can be forged in fire, those who change with every burning become the most formidable of weapons.”

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