Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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Swim Home

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We plumb the sacred depths of the silent sea and pull up polished stones, and shells and hold our breath as we drift along a current of eternity. We float, and dip and sink and are carried like a bubble on the tide and disappear for a moment from the counting hands of time and see deeply. We see that we might choose to drown, choose to disappear, to be swallowed into the shimmering seas. We see that we can’t go back to the things as they once were, even if the opportunities are there, for we aren’t the same man because the world is different too. In this lifetime we may learn things bitterly. The one we professed to love forever is now loved by another, the promises made to us were just promises, that kisses can lead to combat, that another man might raise our sons and that our deepest wound is self inflicted. All is not lost. No matter! Inhale and be less aggrieved. See that even in blackness drifting we can be carried peacefully though dark currents, that light breaks from above like sharpened blades cutting through the damnable deep and frees us from our painful watery sleep. Swim into hospitable waters, away from your unfathomable, dark dreams and your sad, winter sea. Watch the stars shine over the eddyless waters, feel your pulsing breath, break the feckless waves and swim back home with a man’s dignity.

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