an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening.
synonyms:giantmammothcolossusleviathan, titan;

“he’s a monster of a man”

Why do we like the Batman? Because we see a wounded boy who turned himself into something big and strong enough to turn fear against the fearsome.

As a child he turned the monster that horrified him into his own. Batman doesn’t have superpowers. He earned every skill that he has and he uses it to become a legend among men. He can die yet never gives up despite the difficulty of his mission. He plans and comes prepared for everything. He has willpower, determination, intelligence and strength. He’s human. In life magic will never save men. Capable men with principles who are willing to become monsters to rid our world of evil save men. But he’s our monster.

One day your family, friends or teammates will need you. One day you’ll see a child or a woman in the street beaten or abused. Don’t turn and look the other way. When the time comes, and you are prepared, be the monster. Strike fear in the hearts of those who choose to do evil.

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