December 3, 2020

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Sunday Inspiration: Advice

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Have self respect. Believe in what you build. Don’t violate that and you’ll have power. Break it and you’ll find yourself a slave to every opinion.

Work with those that want to work with you. Often times people mistake your earnestness for foolishness or weakness rather than shrewdness.

Don’t meander off the path of your purpose or you’ll end up chasing other people’s schemes and regretting it later on.

Be humble, be durable, be teachable, build real relationships and the rest will follow. Along the way you’ll meet some good and bad people, sometimes they’re the same people.

If it comes time to fight back then be unrelenting, defend yourself, destroy them and salt the earth. Don’t look back.

“I brought peace until they brought war so I brought war until they brought peace”~Michael Kurcina.

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