January 19, 2021

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Spotter Up | Ep. 31 | Mental HELL and WELLNESS with Vet TV’s Donny O’Malley

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Donnie O’Malley of VetTV joins John Valentine on Episode 31 of Spotter Up to discuss his latest series; Mental HELL and Wellness. VET Tv, the streaming video on demand channel that has consistently pushed the envelope when it comes to dark and irreverent military comedy, announced today that it will be rolling out a brand-new video series on Veteran’s Day called “Mental Hell and Wellness.” It sets out to debunk those who question the SVOD provider’s brand of comedy and its role in improving veteran mental health. The dual-prong video series, which will be FREE to all and live outside the VET Tv paywall, features the company’s founder and CEO, Retired Marine Captain and Wounded Warrior Donny O’Malley, sitting down with renowned mental health professionals from all around the country to dissect and offer scientific proof and validation of the role comedy plays in the healing process, and to show a direct correlation between comedy and improving mental health.

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