IMG_5476Cannon Drive. I like the name and love what they do. Why? They make smart looking clothing that can be worn anytime and anywhere. Gym, run, bike, hike, walk; you know what I mean? Knock out your gym workout and then throw a clean one beneath a structured jacket to give yourself smooth looking night-wear for time on the streets with your bros.

Cannon Drive was founded by a dangerous gent named Mark Golden. Yup. Before he was building this company he gave some really good years to become a Navy SEAL; ten years in all. No easy feat. And like his years spent building his fortitude Mark is now building his brand.

Mark didn’t want to build another “lifestyle” brand. There are literally thousands of companies out there putting out low-end product in order to make a buck. Some companies make quality but Mark also wanted a grade of clothing not typically found in t-shirts. He wanted pro-American, stylish clothing for the athletically fit.

There’s nothing wrong with skulls, blood and cross-bones. Loud is good. Dark and scary is good. Guns, vikings and girls all have an audience too. But you can’t wear shirts that scream, “I SHOOT GUNS AND AM BAD!” all the time. Mark’s deal was to deliver something just as American as the other brands, while using his own singular SEAL attention to deliver distinction. There wasn’t anything on the market like Cannon Drive. Enter Mark’s creations: fashionable, contemporary clothing with a tasteful pro-American theme that anyone can wear regardless of their religious our political bent. Military members and their supporters love his stuff. Very few could look at Cannon Drive the wrong way.IMG_5477

First, distinction meant creating clothing with premium materials. Mark sourced out high quality cotton that held up well, breathable and comfortable on the skin. Second, he wanted athletically-cut shirts for dudes who work out. Their t-shirts are not box cut like most t-shirts; that’s like putting a square, black, trash bag over your body. Why bother looking like that shape? Mark’s black t-shirts make the muscles pop fellas. They are more roomy at the top and taper at the waist. Ill-fitting clothing is not the way to go. Fashion-forward means being outside the box.

Workout, or don’t workout…Your choice. In the end, Cannon Drive is for anyone with a patriotic bent. As Mark told me, “It’s a brand that’s flavorful to everyone across the entire political spectrum. It’s pro-American and isn’t divisive between liberal or conservative. Unity is the key here.”IMG_5475

Third, t-shirt companies come and go. The ones that seem to last have a concept behind it rooted in something deeper than making a buck. Ideals last and good ideals last forever. Mark set out building a brand with strong roots in history, namely his hometown street where he used to roam, called Cannon Drive. Cannon Drive symbolized mom and apple pie; everything All-American. Does that exist any longer? To Mark patriotism and Cannon Drive company are synonymous.

Starting with a Civil War cannon logo, Cannon Drive branched out from an idea and into an industry for Mark. He had to learn how to source out material, pick the best colors and shirt styles; all are things that go with being an entrepreneur. To really last in the fickle clothing-game meant creating a product that hearkened back to the history of our forefathers. Good roots to start with. George Washington on horseback is one of my favorites; just enough punch of red to make the shirt pop without being too loud; classy is in.

IMG_5478Other features are the printing of Cannon Drive’s signature statement on the inside of every shirt collar. Why? Mark intended that when you’re walking down the street you’ve got the whole world sussed out. You’re feeling good to wear something from a company that strives for respectability and purity. This is not a cheap Walmart shirt. Other signature touches are the cannon logo on the shoulder portion of the shirt sleeve. Cornball huh? Not to Cannon Drive. Attitude in fashion is everything. Know your priorities and deep down you know your life is turning out the way you want it.IMG_5479

Cannon Drive also offers their American Memorial Bracelets. Each one of their beads holds a special meaning. Cannon Drive states 100% of all profits from the sale of these bracelets will be donated to veteran-owned, non-profit organizations. Good to know.

In a world of clothing where every shirt screams, “Kill and Get some!” What you wear is really and outward statement of what you’re thinking inwardly. Mark wanted a brand that represented old school class, some high-street style, and could be mixed into your closet of Misfits or Hello Kitty t-shirts, and Valhalla is Calling brands. His goal for Cannon Drive is to have a pro-American theme that gently stokes the flames of patriotism. This is a line you’d be proud to wear anywhere. Mom would approve and so do we.

We hope you’ll support this veteran owned business. They put out good stuff, some of their profits goes to a good cause, all around a good gig. Thumbs up, yeah? Thought so. Look them up and buy a shirt or two, or three. Created, owned and operated clothing line for men by a veteran Navy SEAL.  CANNON DRIVE (LLC)





About The Author

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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  1. Michele Grad

    Above is the story of Lance Cummings. He is having a fundraiser at our house April 22. There is an eBay auction going on from donations to help support the cause and raise money for the three charities… NSW and Glen Doherty being closest to your heart as ours. We are looking for donations or swag to give to the participants for the completion of the event. You are welcome to come to the event too!

    Wanted to see if you might donate something . Of course we would give you PR on FB Spart300 for charity

    Thank you

    Michele Grad

    Lance Cummings wife

    His number is 6199203873 or


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