February 28, 2021

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There are a billion versions of ‘general purpose pouches’ around the world. Well, maybe not a billion, but still a lot. Looking at all the GP pouches, they are mostly that: a medium-sized pouch with probably a zipper. In comes the Spiritus Systems Medium GP pouch!

What the hell is Spiritus Systems?

Spiritus Systems is an American company that makes their products in the USA. I found out about them through Instagram and they post cool product pictures almost daily! You should probably check them out…after you read this review.

Ugh, another GP pouch! This GP pouch isn’t ‘general purpose’ because it’s just a simple pouch, it’s GP because it’s great for a lot of stuff and it’s adaptable for several uses. It is made by quality materials in the US and has the following dimensions: 7″ x 6″ x 3″. But this is a little bit…iffy. ‘Why?’ you may ask? This is why:

It looks tight, but you’ll enjoy it…

The front pocket is made with a four-way stretch material that is strong, but still stretches out to fit a pair of mechanics gloves folded in a douchy way, medical gloves, notepad, spare batteries, candy or some condoms and lube.

Filling that ‘little’ pouch up, it doesn’t push the main pouch in that much. It is dual-zippered and has nice rubberized pull-straps.

The stretchable pouch closes easily, filled with the work gloves.

Rubberized pull-straps.

Looking at the main compartment of the pouch, you can see why it’s adaptable. It is completely cover with  loop velcro.

Both interior sides of the main compartment are covered by loop velcro.

The pouch can be used with Spiritus Systems Insert Suite system. Try saying that fast ten times in a row. You can buy the velcro attachments in a set or separately. The attachments are backed with hook velcro so you can attach them on your GP pouch or use them with all your other velcro lined gear.

Several different options are available.

40MM Grenades aren’t a problem.

Because a lot of you guys carry sensitive materials that you really don’t want to lose (everybody hates the numbers check at the end of a mission or exercise) they have included two tie-down loops on the interior of the pouch.

The tie-down loops are included on both sides of the pouch.

On the bottom of the main compartment, there is a large drain hole for you Spec Ops guys that do Scuba stuff…or for that time you fell in the creek.

The main compartment is can be closed using the dual-zipper, also with the rubberized pull-straps. You can attach the pouch to all your platforms using the hybrid Molle attachment system. It uses a rubberized fabric that is lightweight and looks strong. We’ll see how it holds up after a while, but I’m not worried.

So what are the uses for this pouch? Spiritus Systems explained it best in their YouTube video (link on the bottom), but I’ll give you guys an idea.


Oh, yeah that’s the Multicam version. I couldn’t help myself.


The GP pouch can be used as an IFAK, using the insert suite as an organizer. With my order, I received some cool stickers.

I like this pouch a lot and I will definitely use it on my work rig. I do hope the stretch material keeps doing it’s job.


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In his free time he can be found hiking with his two blondes: his fiancée and his labrador.
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