January 19, 2021

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Speak and Speak Sincerely

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“Speak and speak sincerely or don’t speak at all.” One of the most unlikable qualities in a man in my opinion, and really anyone for that matter, is one of insincerity. Express your genuine feelings when asked, and speak your mind. A man doesn’t have to share his deep personal feelings with everyone but he shouldn’t become hypocritical or pretend to have feelings that he doesn’t feel or say things he doesn’t mean to say. Be genuine in what you think, feel and how you want to be portrayed. Compromising your own identity creates more problems, for you and others, than it will ever solve. Say I love you or don’t say I love you. Agree or don’t agree but don’t be a wicked politician and a crooked diplomat in negotiations of the heart you jackass. If you don’t know how you feel well then go figure it out and then speak your mind and share your heart, or at least make an honest attempt at them. Insincerity sets up so many false cues that society is better off not having to try and figure out to navigate around the mess you make. @spotterupdude

History and Etymology for laconic: Latin laconicus Spartan, from Greek lakōnikos; from the Spartan reputation for terseness of speech.

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