May 15, 2021

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Sometimes a man needs other men to explain his raison d’etre to him

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What man ever wakes up and prays to God to be a drag on the world? What man ever asks God to be the lowest performer in his circle of men—-I don’t believe that anyone does this yet some men do live thoughtlessly. Some men exist without a concern to do well daily. We might wonder if the Spartans of old had this problem, and perhaps only in times of tumult did they fulfill their reason for existence. But why wait for circumstances to be in your favor or against, in order to act? Be a self motivated man. What’s our reason for existing? Why does life at times seem so painful, and why do we sometimes feel it is so meaningless? Yes, sometimes we get lost or simply lose a bit of focus for the bigger picture and that’s okay; sometimes those we know and even strangers can help us get refocused on the biggest reason to live. There’s no shame in being lost; get back on track. Work on what you must work on. Work on being unafraid, work on being kind, work on being dangerous, work on being patient, and read, train and teach. There is nothing worse in trying to deal with life than by doing nothing. Mature, create, love and also tear down your false, conditioned beliefs. Be triumphant in that regard. If you want to know one of the secrets to dealing with loss, indifference, confusion and suffering, then laugh, and laugh a lot. You’ll be surprised at how good life gets. In your moments of humor, learn. “Sometimes a man needs other men to explain his raison d’etre to him.”~Michael Kurcina (raison d’etre: the most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence) #raisondetre

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