May 13, 2021

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Some Men

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“Some men don’t feel like they’re living unless they’re killing themselves.”~Michael Kurcina. 📸 Pankration

I think many of us are looking for the experience of feeling alive, to feel as if we are living life to its fullest, really to feel wholly alive; yet so many of us feel trapped by our being, and some of us labor to escape our panicked or dulled state. Sometimes fighting is a way to reach peak experience; but the poet, the writer, and not just the fighter but the musician, the dancer and the mystic are just some of those who can feel it too from time to time; it is the man with great enthusiasm for physical movement, the person who involves his whole being, and not just his mind; he commits his body, arms hands and feet to become less conscious and more primitive. The attainment of the goal doesn’t matter here just yet because it will come, it’s the effort. Man should walk, or run, smile, tap his fingers or pull a trigger, swim, cook, hike, fight, or sing with his whole being to have a spiritual relation with people and the world instead of avoiding it or he’ll end up feeling like a blob of flesh. He should laugh with his whole being, cry with his whole being, love with his whole being and fight too with his whole being; he must give it all he’s got in order to wake and satisfy his tired heart. That’s a start…Give it a try tonight.

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