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Shooting Team

The Spotter Up Shooting team currently has five members specializing in action pistol shooting and multi-gun events. We also do steel challenge, rimfire rifle and precision rifle. Our core shooters live in the DC area, mainly competing in events in VA, MD, WV, DE, PA and travel as far as Texas for bigger events.

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Nate – Team Captain

Instagram: @nate_spotterup

Nathaniel “Nate” Lindsley is an active duty member of the United States Army. Over the last 10 plus years serving in the Infantry, Nate has spent 22 months deployed to Afghanistan. Nate’s extensive experience in both training and operational environments give him a unique perspective on firearms, training and competition.

Nate currently competes in USPSA, IDPA, Multi-gun and Steel Challenge. Nate has competed in over 70 matches in USPSA, IDPA, and Multi-gun.  Nate has achieved the classification of C in USPSA Limited and Carry Optics divisions and Sharp Shooter in IDPA divisions of SSP, ESP and CCP.

Nate is an NRA certified pistol instructor who has completed multiple professional firearms training courses. Nate currently serves as the captain for the Spotter Up Shooting Team.


Instagram: @yoshimoto_spotterup

YouTube: spotterup_yoshimoto

Joshua “Yoshi” Shaw is a professional Intelligence Officer specializing in national security issues. Since 2012, he has completed four deployments to Afghanistan supporting the US Military Counter-Terrorism effort.

Josh has been shooting competitively since 2015, and has shot over 100 matches including USPSA, IDPA, Multi-gun and Steel Challenge. He is currently classified as Master in three equipment divisions of USPSA and IDPA. He has attended ~130 hours of formal firearms training including classes with Tim Herron (Grand Master competitive shooter), Scott Jedlinski (Modern Samurai Project), Ben Dewalt (Onsight Firearms Training), Chuck Pressburg (Presscheck Consulting), John Chapman (Forge Tactical), Justin Dyal and Defense Intelligence Agency Pistol qualification courses.

Josh has held a concealed carry license since 2013 and has experience with multiple carry methods and types of equipment. Mr. Shaw is an editor and regular contributor to Spotter Up Tactical Solutions (https://spotterup.com/), specializing in product reviews, shooting and training articles and AARs. He is also a very active member of the Spotter Up shooting team, mainly competing in the Mid Atlantic states (VA/MD/WV/PA/DE).

Josh also is a certified NRA instructor and works part time as a firearms instructor for Green Ops (https://www.green-ops.com)


Instagram: @gi_jen85

Jenny Kim served in the Army with two deployments to Iraq. She was a Customs and Border Protections (CBP) officer working on the border of Mexico in the state of Arizona for five years. Jenny is currently a Federal Immigration Officer with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Jenny started shooting competitively in late 2017 and has shot 50+ USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge matches. She competes in Production Division with a CZ Shadow 2 and PCC Division with an Angstad Arms rifle. In 2018 she secured an individual sponsorship with Angstad Arms.

Jenny has attended five professional firearms training classes (80 hours) in the last year with Scott Jedlinski (Modern Samurai Project), Matt Olinchuk (Super-Tactical), Tim Herron (Tim Herron Shooting) and Kita Busse (180 Firearms Training).

Jenny also volunteers as an assistant instructor for the Explorers program for the Customs and Border Protection, teaching young adults a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experiences, competition and other activities.


Instagram: @ajsaulls

Aaron “AJ” Saulls is a Virginia based writer and team shooter for SpotterUp.com. AJ joined in 2015 and has since competed in ~65 matches consisting of USPSA, Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge, Multi-Gun, Trap, and Sporting Clays.

The Northern Virginia (Area 8) is a VERY competitive region and AJ says that living here is a great opportunity to continually train with and learn from some of the best shooters out there. Being able to shoot multiple types of matches across the east coast with these incredible folks has inspired AJ to continually become better at each shooting discipline.

AJ Currently Competes and Trains at:

* Quantico Shooting Club – Quantico Marine Base, VA

* Fredericksburg USPSA (Fburg), Fredericksburg VA

* Blue Ridge Arsenal, Sterling VA

* NOVA Gun Club (NVGC), Fredericksburg, VA

* NRA HQ Range, Fairfax, VA

* Ontelaunee USPSA/Steel Challenge, New Tripoli, PA

* Panthera Training Center, Old Fields, WV

* Elite Shooting Sports, Manassas, VA

2019 Shooting Goals:

Obtaining “Master” classification at steel challenge shooting PCC, RFRO, and RFPO.

Obtaining “A” classification in USPSA in Production and Open divisions.

Previous Year Scorings:

USPSA Steel Challenge Results 2018

Division                      Class  High %   High % Set

PCC Optics                   A       82.44      11/21/18

Rimfire Pistol Open   A       75.45       9/26/18

Rimfire Rifle Open    M       88.08     12/19/18


Instagram: @jdu210

Jeff Underwood served in the United States Marine Corps for 8 years before transitioning to civilian life and working in his current position of a Government Communications Specialist in Washington DC.

Jeff has been shooting his entire life (hence the attraction to the Marine Corps) and started shooting competitively in April 2017. He has competed in over 150 matches in the USPSA, IDPA, 3 gun, 2 Gun, Steel Challenge, and NRA World Championship. Jeff is classified as MASTER in IDPA ESP, and EXPERT in IDPA SSP, CCP and CCP. Jeff spent his first year shooting USPSA “Production” class before switching to “Limited” in early 2018. He is classified B class in both divisions. In addition to local matches, Jeff travels all along the East Coast to compete in Sanctioned IDPA and USPSA matches, with the goal of acquiring enough points to compete in the IDPA Nationals.

Jeff is an avid CZ shooter and competes with a CZ 75 SP01 in IDPA and a CZ Tactical Sport Orange in USPSA. Jeff enjoys doing the work/upgrades himself on his guns when possible. Despite the “hipster” reputation with CZ pistols, Jeff does not wear a man bun or infinity scarf. In addition to using them in competition, he carries a CZ Compact for CCW.

Jeff is a very active member of the Spotter Up Shooting Team and try’s to shoot a match every week. In his competitive shooting career, he has achieved the following:

* 2018 Maryland State IDPA Championship – 1st Place SSP Expert and 5th overall finish

* 2018 Virginia State IDPA Championship – 1st Place ESP Expert (Bump to Master) 8th overall finish

* 2018 Delaware State IDPA Championship – 2nd Place SSP Expert

* 2018 Potomac Grail IDPA – 1st Place SSP Expert

* 2018 IDPA Liberty Match at Valley Forge – 6th overall and High Veteran