April 23, 2021

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How to Shoot an AR 15/M4 Carbine from Warrior Poet Society

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Here’s a video from our buddy John Lovell. I think you’ll enjoy his straight to the point video. To find out more about John check out his YouTube channel and page.

What is the Warrior Poet Society?

There is an old quote known to many in the world of self-defense:

The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools”.

The Warrior Poet Society answers a call; it is a call for a more elite protector. This call is for those who understand the high stakes of violence and who are willing to commit their minds and bodies to the task of defense so that they may prevail and others may live. Warrior Poets are those who train and fight for higher purpose. They are members of a rare fraternity of warriors who fight with intellect, conviction, and great skill. Motivated by a love for others, warrior poets become students of the art of war so that they may triumph when the enemy calls.

It is not good enough to simply train hard, we must train smart.

John Lovell is a credentialed full-time tactics and firearms instructor and is an NRA instructor.  He teachs over 20 different classes including night vision, low light tactics, room clearing, defensive pistol courses, defensive carbine/rifle courses, home defense classes, NRA classes, and more. John is a war veteran and a former member of Special Operations, having served in 2nd Ranger Battalion with numerous combat tours to both Iraq and Afghanistan. His overseas experience also entails having served as a missionary to Central America for four years. He holds a B.A. in Business, and, more than an instructor, John considers himself a student of war, philosophy, theology, and history. When he is not teaching, training, or spending time with his family, you will likely find him reading.

See Gear or Guns in this video you liked?


Here are some links:

*Daniel Defense M4a1 mil-spec+ carbine

Geissele Trigger 

*Streamlight ProTac Railmount 

*Glock 19 MOS

John is wearing an HSGI war belt with HSGI tacos and a Cobra belt. He is carrying a Glock 17 pistol with an Aimpoint T1 on an ATOM slide by Unity Tactical complete with a sexy paint job. His body armor is held up by a Velocity Systems plate carrier and he is carrying a Daniel Defense M4A1 mil spec+ with a Surefire scout Light, Vickers Sling, ATPIAL IR laser, Magpull and Daniel Defense backup iron sights, an Aimpoint T1 red dot sight, and pmags with magpod bases.

Video is posted with the permission of John Lovell

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