April 23, 2021

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Sell Out

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SELL OUT. Change the culture around you for the better, don’t let it change your for the worse. Some enclaves house vampires, and it’s not just Hollywood, that will feed on your blood and control your soul. Men can become emasculated or become too much of a cartoon character when they subscribe to groupthink. Yes, we are all susceptible to the seductions of fame, power and sex as if it will make us complete. If we’re not careful we can all start to crave attention, praise and finally exist for self worship. We begin to forget who we are and become something else, and can forget our friends and family, and values. Stay centered. Don’t be a sell out. Bike culture, gun culture, car culture, gang culture, Crossfit culture, cultures and sub cultures are where men find much of their worth unless they have a good sense of themselves already. You don’t become more of a man when you subscribe to the groupthink of places like Hollywood, you become less. Think for yourself in every trying time. Dave, you can’t ever again get dirty in a street fight when you’re shielded by living in a glass palace. Playing with props is simply make believe. Let’s not ever confuse that with what the regular Joe does day in and day out.

“Unless a man already has it together, attempting to live more manfully by moving to Hollywood is no different than an elephant going to a graveyard to prevent itself from dying.”~Michael Kurcina.

Paychecks and fame. If that is what you believe it’s what you believe, and I have respect for that but don’t play both sides. We find our sense of  #woke #antigun #masculinity

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