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I’ve had a hole in my heart for a very long time 
I see things as they once were
I see things as they could have become 
I see things as they will never become 
Fruit dies on the vine 

Poem by Michael Kurcina

What becomes of us after we realize the thing we are pursuing now feels like it holds less value than the thing we left behind? We left a lover, a family, a career, some kind of opportunity back there and it cannot be reconstituted. It no longer exists. It expired and we are left with a tragedy. We had the brains, the body, the ability but lacked the foresight to see the worth we abandoned because we were resolved to pursue something else. We chased something for many years and over many miles in the belief that it would emancipate us but the truth is we misjudged how far it took us from where we were, where we could have been, and away from someone or something we loved. Fame, fortune, power…We’re left today with stories of knights who earnestly sought out the holy grail in the belief it would provide youth, sustenance, happiness or something else in infinite abundance but it was never found because it never existed. It remains elusive. I’ve little wisdom to dispense this evening. Each second offers opportunity. Many of us fear the future and regret the past. We let emotion paralyze us or make us hesitate. We’re pinned between two feelings and let action become a slur in time. We end up regretting not trying out for this, or not asking for that, or asking too little of ourselves and too little of others. Je ne regrette rien. Live your life so that you’ll have no regrets. God bless and good fortune to you warrior.

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