This is just a preview of the Slumberjack Snare 2000 Pack. We’re just giving a video synopsis. A more in depth article soon to come!
Go Fast and Light

Ideal for deer or small game hunts where home or camp is waiting at the end of the day, the lightweight 33-liter Snare 2000 comfortably carries everything you’ll need for a successful hunt. Roomy main compartment easily handles gear and extra clothing while dual side pockets are perfect for optics, bipods, or other personal items.

Stowable and versatile weapon carry system accommodates a rifle or a bow while a trophy carry system helps you bring home your prize. Proven, single stay suspension system is light, comfortable, and supportive under heavier loads. Kryptek®’s cutting edge camo pattern helps you blend seamlessly into the environment.


  • Torso: 17.5″ – 19.5″
  • Volume: 2,050 cubic inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs 6.5 oz
  • Height: 25″
  • Width: 16″
  • Depth: 10″


  • Large twin pockets for optics, bipods and other essentials
  • Compression system doubles as a trophy carry system
  • Comfortable and supportive single stay suspension
  • Stowable and versatil multi-weapon carry system easily transports your bow or rifle
  • Hydration compatible
  • PALS and paddle holder compatible hep belt
  • Retails around $179.95

By Garrick

U.S. Navy SEAL, 20 years (retired). SEAL Instructor Combat Experience-Iraq OGA Afghanistan-6 years.

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