Upon receiving the Propper 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka I was absolutely astounded due to the options it presented me with out of the package. I have done quite a bit of exploring so far with my time with it and I am still finding pockets. The storage possibilities for this cold weather system is extremely immense. Now, what I look for in good cold weather outerwear is comfort, effectiveness, durability, and last but certainly not least looks & purpose. I will get into a bit of each for a bit more in-depth overview of the Propper 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka. I am a daily carrier of a firearm it is on my side at all times so some points may be more directed towards that aspect but I got this at the exact perfect time to review I experienced rain, below freezing temperatures, wind, as well as comfortable mid 50 degree temperatures.

Comfortability, when I am looking at a good cold weather outerwear system it is an absolute must for me to be comfortable because if it is not comfortable I am not going to want to wear it. The 3-in-1 Parka hit the nail on the head while designing this it has a great feel to it and is very lightweight even in the full configuration which is always nice because others I have had have always had a heavyweight thick type fit. This parka took a lot of the un-needed fluff out and just used better materials in my opinion whether I was simply wearing the inner fleece or the whole system I was comfortable at all times. It is super easy to take just the inner fleece out about 8 snaps and 2 zippers and its off in about a minute and you are going on about your daily plans it seriously does not get much better than that. I realize we have quite a few military affiliated readers so imagine a fleece with a cold weather gortex parka with a ton more storage space and some serious upgrades and you will get where I am coming from if you’ve been stationed at a colder climate duty station.

Effectiveness, as you may know Propper makes tons and tons of military clothing so they put in some serious testing and thought about who wears their products and I have a good feeling their standards are the exact same for their civilian clothes because they are very well thought out. I have experienced the end of fall and the beginning of winter with this Propper 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka and I can tell you I haven’t been uncomfortable. The waterproof outer shell is amazing by itself it was just under 40 degrees here and raining I spent a good 7 hours or so in constant rain it is definitely waterproof and kept me at a good comfortable body temperature. I recently had a rather large gathering for a weekend range event to which it got down into the mere teens we had several fires going and I had to sit the furthest away while talking to everyone and honestly I was totally comfortable without a fire. Here in Virginia we do not constantly get a lot of wind consistently it is pretty random so to test the wind resistance I went for a good long day of riding my ATV in below freezing temps to which if you ride 40 to 50 MPH is about ten times more harsh then a 5 to 10 MPH wind gust my upper body was perfect my legs however not so much they were about frozen by the time I was done ( I have access to about 4500 acres to ride on so it was not a short ride ).

Durability, this is a very rugged and durable cold weather garment I am extremely hard on gear when I review it I always keep murphy’s law in my mind if it can happen then it will. Propper uses in my opinion extremely durable and superior materials when making things I have quite a few of their products and everything is absolutely top notch right down to the zipper. I have yanked, pulled, tugged, jerked, every zipper on this 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka to right close to an insane standard in an effort of thoroughness but all efforts have been to no avail its very well made and solid. Now something I feel I have to mention is that while I was on my ATV ride in the past I had a coat that begins with the words “The North” and you can finish the rest that I have torn on the trails and for such an expensive garment I was very disappointed however I didn’t experience that with this Propper garment so I was very happy with the results. I have nothing but confidence in this Propper garment and the overall score will reflect this it is a seriously made quality cold weather system. However one improvement I will suggest is to have a zipper for the hood because mine got snatched of by a tree branch but was easily located.

Looks/Purpose, the Propper 3-in-1 Hardshell Parka is a very good looking and purposeful garment everything on it looks great and performs great. With that being said I am going to say you can both wear this for not only a duty perspective but also a professional one. For the duty purpose I understand that you are out in the cold often and may have the occasion that you have to pull your firearm will they thought of that beforehand it features side zippers both left and right that are extremely easy to pull apart after you unsnap the button on the bottom (even the inner fleece has this feature) and you can access your firearm. The side zippers does come with a learning curve though but it is not much of one in my opinion I had my draw down to milliseconds of normal time with just a T-shirt times. It also features a magnetic left breast pocket in case you have a badge to get into work or support documents and such which is great and has a good amount of hold to get in to.

I thoroughly enjoyed this review and I can see many uses for this parka weather you just want a good cold weather garment or want to conceal carry and have a purposeful garment while doing so I am a seriously firm believer that this garment will work for you. After spending several weeks with it and going far above and beyond normal wear and tear I am thoroughly impressed it is a very well thought out design that was executed perfectly. In closing weather you are looking for a good LEO cold weather garment or just the everyday carrier that likes to be warm in cold weather climate but do not want to sacrifice speed to draw this is definitely the garment for you. Here is the Propper company specs for you to now what you are looking at.

Features ,

-DWR (durable water repellant) finish protector repels stains and liquids

-Waterproof with sealed seams

-Parka length for better weather protection

-Full zip front with double sliders and storm flap zipper cover

-Large back pull-out removable ID panel

-Zippered closure soft touch tricot lined hand warmer pockets

-Lower back zippered pocket

-Internal pocket on chest with magnetic closure

-Elastic and hook and loop adjustable cuffs

-Removable hood with hook and loop

-Dual chest customizable ID panels

-Two-way side zip

-Left chest pocket with magnetic closure

-Internal pocket with headphone pass through

-Interior loop-lined pockets for CCW

-7 oz 100% nylon/waterproof fleece liner

-6.5 oz midweight fleece

-Dual hand warmer pockets

-Elastic cuffs

-6.5 oz 100% polyester

Cost: 4/5

Comfort: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Functionality: 4/5

Weight: 5/5

Total: 23/25

Material Disclosure

I received this product as a courtesy from the manufacturer via Spotter Up so I could test it and give my honest feedback. I am not bound by any written, verbal, or implied contract to give this product a good review. All opinions are my own and are based off my personal experience with the product.

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