November 29, 2020

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PRE-ORDER Sine metu: “Without Fear”

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New, from the Deeds of Arms

PRE-ORDER Sine metu: “Without Fear”

There is nothing more dangerous than an armed and skilled grappler.

There are an unknown number of risks when it comes to becoming one yourself.

Deeds of Arms Redbeard Combatives

One means to reduce the extent of risk exposure and the adverse effects of risk. While the other is a preference for a sure/specific outcome.

Real/proper training has a level of risk to it. You can take two approaches with that knowledge. The first is to avoid it altogether because the specific outcome is you will not be hurt at all.

The other is finding experienced coaches who understand how these undesired outcomes occur.

Truth is to be a properly trained, well-rounded, multi-disciplined tactician, you have to be willing to accept some risk.

The good news most of those risks can be mitigated.

All you have to do is accept that the training environment is a laboratory vs. the Colosseum some people believe it to be.

How much money would you spend if you knew 0.2 slower means certain death vs. getting 0.2 seconds faster would mean certain victory?

What are you willing to risk to KNOW you can fight?

To know you can survive?




Available in short or long sleeves.

•Dye sublimation graphics never crack, fade, or peel

•Side pebble mesh inserts for added breathability

•Flatlock stitching

•92% poly 8% spandex


In the late 14th century, combatants honed their gallantry and fortitude using tournaments that tested skills needed in battle. In the absence of “real” war men of arms honed their mettle by competing against one another.The competitions drove each man to reach his potential by testing himself against his brethren. More or less equally trained and committed to defending their nation the Deeds of Arms sustained them in the ascent to humility and virtue.The Helmet was worn by the winning gladiator in “Pollice Verso.” A renowned painting by French artist Jean-Léon Gérôme. It represents a dueling culture.  Pollice verso or verso pollice is a Latin phrase, meaning “with a turned thumb”, that is used in the context of gladiatorial combat. The pistol to represent modern weaponry. The hatchet and edge for classical western warrior culture.

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