Post-Show Warrior Expo East Highlights Illuminate the Need to Attend

The ADS, Inc., Warrior Expo East came and went over a two-day period in July. Thousands of attendees were able to see hundreds of products/technology from some very significant players in the industry.

While some buyers choose to stay home and others make a significant effort to attend, it’s an immense value to those who come. Expos are simply the best means for buyers to really compare and contrast products and tech to gain useful information on the latest trends, cost-effective solutions, and innovations to help end users complete their mission.

Large numbers of new products/technology are launched at Warrior Expo East and West. In fact, every year ADS, Inc. brings more than 300 vendors and 5,000 industry professionals into one safe environment to make a wise investment of their time.

How so? Although sales representatives can educate potential buyers via press releases, cold-calling, and media kits, expos are the optimal place to discuss specific issues, features, prices, and conditions of particular products and connect with subject matter experts (SMEs), who are very familiar with the overall direction of their industry. ADS smartly organize their shows to help attendees focus their attention on finding the right item. When lives are at stake—getting the best product is priceless.

From the wide range of suppliers and products available, there were a few products enjoyed testing. We walked away impressed by the selection and in-depth knowledge of every ADS business partner, but a few brands really stuck with us.

Innovative Tactical Training Solutions (ITTS)

ITTS began in 2008 with a mission to develop and produce realistic training tools. Their tools provide the realism demanded by the military and emergency medical domains, which adds great educational value to these groups during their training exercises. ITTS’ wirelessly controlled K9 Manikin was fascinating to look at. Their manikin barks, bleeds, and breathes just like a real dog.


ITTS not only offers manikins but helo cabin simulators and ballistic and blast simulators (BBS). Their BBS creates realistic muzzle flashes, 140-db blast percussion and removes the use of blank rounds. Getting to see products in person is more engaging than perusing a website. In fact, trade shows are an important part of the product sourcing and buying process.


Six15 Technologies

Six15 Technologies was on hand to demonstrate their line of state-of-the-art wearable display solutions. Their wearable optics are small, lightweight, and sophisticated. Their Tac-Eye 2.0 is a hands free, head worn device that gives users a direct view display and can be mounted via clip for glasses or a boom for helmets.


Their Tac-Eye Binocular offers stereoscopic viewing for warfighters and the display can plug directly into computer systems, FLIR imagers, camera systems, thermal weapons sights, or remote video sensors.


Save the Dates for Warrior Expo in 2018

Direct personal contact with SMEs are undeniably productive. If you missed 2017’s Warrior Expo East and West, be sure to carve out time next year. The expo is a great place to partake of their workshops, seminars and panel discussions and see the best to outfit your industry.

Warrior Expo West: April 18 & 19, 2018

Warrior Expo East: July 11 & 12, 2018

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