August 12, 2022

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Poetry: The Fable of Your Face

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Get to know her again. One moment at a time. It’s going to be hard…but worth it if you fight for it together .




I travel blindly looking for you.

Shoulders as rich as the sea.

But there will be a time, a time, an appropriate time

To share, the things which we love,
Which we hate,
Which we hold closest to our bosoms
all the things that wound us
and for the greatest things which bring us healing,
and until that time I will search for the source of the sea.
Set the lighthouse ablaze
Bring me into the essence of you.
Discovering joy inside your spirit
is like finding rain upon my flesh.
Where then is the deepening of meaning in where we go
or where we’ve been,
and in what we say
if we speak freely to everyone about our secret grief?

Through the oceans of my mind in which my memories wander,
I search for the mouth of you.
Neck the length of a river. Oh, but I travel blind.
Discovering the richness of your mouth until I can feel
the sensuousness of those lips
is like knowing the reddened depths of jasper.
Show me the forgotten speech,
but I travel mazily across your world,
the world I know but hardly know,
for the fable of your face.
Tomorrow I will return I say,
I will come I say,
until I find and drown in this
invincible source of love.

 poem by Michael Kurcina



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