January 26, 2021

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Pay the man

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“The new generation abandoned the old creeds, trusted it best to have no faith and then wondered why there was no meaningful purpose and coda to their life.”~Michael Kurcina. The evil in this world comes from ignorance and then a refusal to follow a truth spoken. Judgement doesn’t come tomorrow it comes everyday, it comes now. Be ready to pay. Be ready for it, to be judged by the wise and the foolish alike. I’ll tell you that men must believe in something to anchor their thoughts and emotions from going astray. If you are carrying some kind of painful spiritual weight bend your knees a little deeper, and get below it to set the load straight. You can go further than you think right now. If you are feeling anxiety create structure that will take away that heavy feeling. Exercise, talk to your friends and family daily if you can, eat properly, sleep if possible, create a semblance of routine; all of this shall pass, all of this will pass… Speak kind words to men, reassure the weak even if you don’t feel strong, provide direction to those who feel lost; you find your way too. I believe in you. God does too.

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