Wed. Aug 5th, 2020

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Rituals are not just for primitive peoples from ancient cultures. Doing rituals should also be done by you. Rituals are important not only for warriors but for anyone wanting to feel bonded to a group. Rituals can help build social cohesion, bring order to what men and women too sometimes perceive as an insensible, mysterious universe, and they help build some kind of structure to life. Rituals are symbolic re-enactments of our beliefs and values. What did the samurai or the Spartan of yesterday do that should not be done today? Tea ceremonies, writing poetry, combing hair or weapons maintenance are part of a greater goal of staying whole and can help reduce anxiety, tensions and help us better understand our value system. There should be a poetic harmony to the universe for every warrior. The hero should feel that he can bring order to a chaotic world. The more a belief system is enacted through ritual, the stronger it becomes; the less it is enacted, the weaker it becomes. Attending church less and less or not doing a warriors roll call can weaken men. Men that separate from habit can find themselves feeling a nagging loss of some kind. Rhythmicity found in repetitive chanting too is a key feature of ritual and there are benefits by doing it. Bonding with members of a group does occur. Rituals should be done apart and away from everyday life in order to keep attention focused. Ritual enacting does not have to be a serious event but they do need to be regular. A profound understanding of a cultures belief system can be obtained when enacting a ritual from it. Warriors that no longer practice rituals of their group when they separate from it must fill the vacuum with similar rituals. Performing rituals do more than generate belief, it affects emotions too. Rituals should have a high value in your life. They have a high value in mine. What say you? “Men who believe that love is not enough to save them from loneliness refuse to accept its their greater desire for isolation that makes the loneliness so.” Stay connected. Do things that make you feel whole. Don’t cut yourself off from the world even if you feel it cut itself off from you.

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