March 3, 2021

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Own Your Space

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We probably beat ourselves up worse than any blows that someone else can rain upon us. One of the greatest feelings in the world is feeling like someone loves us and has our back, when we don’t feel alone. Sometimes we just need for someone to point the direction out of what seems a maze leading into a dead end. That’s all it is, our dead end is simply a small detour. Look at it as a rest stop and not that we are lost or alone. There are a lot of people suffering through what you are suffering through. Be encouraged. Don’t lose heart and hope. You are not alone. For those without an unshakable love they must rely on their own compass to prevent themselves being pulled in opposite directions, and hopefully they are pulled into a healthy self-love. Hopefully their dedication to a life mission will point the way out of destruction.

After you’ve walked away from some kind of fame or fortune and stripped yourself of pretentious aspirations you’ll find the person you were meant to be, not that titmouse of a man, but as a man was meant to be; naked and unafraid of most things because you have some strong comfort in what you know. Yes, a man knows that all things belonging to this earth will die, that nothing will last forever yet he has some dedicated conscious thought to building things, even knowing while life imposes limitations he will build with an energy as if he were seventeen again. He may lose a child, a marriage, a job, a friend. Man was born to live, suffer and die but he is also born to hope. Let nothing in this world shatter you. “Today I was afraid of life but I began to not give a damn so I ran Into the fray swinging with my hands.” Own your space. Let nothing get in your way or distract you from reaching your goals. 📸 follow @texasspydad

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