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The Osiris Child Movie Trailer Looks Pretty Cool

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RLJ Entertainment has acquired North American rights to The Osiris Child, an action/sci-fi movie starring Kellan Lutz. The company is planning a fall theatrical and VOD bow for the pic, directed by Shane Abbess who also co-wrote the script with Brian Cachia. This movie looks pretty good considering the budget. The movie comes out of Australia and the buzz has been good.  It arrives exclusively on DIRECTV September 7 and in theaters and on demand October 6, 2017. Check out the trailer below. They even put  some decent gun play and chop socky in there. 

Set in the future in a time of interplanetary colonisation, Sy (Lutz), a mysterious drifter, meets Kane (MacPherson), a lieutenant working for an off-world military contractor, EXOR. The unlikely pair must work together to rescue Kane’s young daughter (Croft) and reach safety amid an impending global crisis which was brought on by EXOR itself. Teaming up with a pair of renegades (Ford and Lucas), Kane and Sy clash with EXOR in an attempt to escape while battling the savage creatures that roam the barren planet.



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