May 27, 2022

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Not Your Grandfather’s Foam Insert

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In our current world climate, most of us do not want to travel without our means to protect ourselves. When traveling with a firearm most of us struggle to keep up with TSA regulations and airlines policies. Consequently, we must travel according to the illogical laws, regulations, and policies. As we skirt those lines we must also secure and protect our firearms from thieves and mishandling that is common with airport baggage. That is where purchasing a sturdy and almost baggage handler proof case comes into play. I have chosen to use Pelican cases due to the notable success I had using them in the military. Now that you have the right case you still have to support and protect your items inside the case. That is where Eaton Tactical Innovations comes in with their Gun Case Inserts. With around 15 models and more being cut all the time. Frank Eaton, the owner, is a former US Army Ranger, like me just a little before my time. He holds his company and products to a high standard which is clear once you get hands on his products. So, you can imagine my excitement to try out the inserts and future products.

Above Photo: Rifle: PWS Mk114 Mod 2, Night Vision: Mod Armory Bridged PVS14s, Handguns: Agency Arms Glocks, Suppressor: Deadair Sandman S


Eaton does something different from the other companies when it comes to his inserts. First off, he uses Two-pound, single-layer, closed-cell polyethylene foam which does not retain moisture and we all know moisture is an enemy to our firearms. He also uses a CNC waterjet cutting process that produces a clean, precise, and non-deformed edge giving you a nice rigid insert. All the inserts have pre-cut sections that are pluck-able or Pick ‘N Pluck. Which comes out with very little cutting if any at all. The insert came with two ¼ inch thick inserts to pad the lower portion of the case that can be used in many ways.


Although testing this product was a little unorthodox, I wanted to be realistic as I am with everything. So, I did not though the box off my roof or drag it behind a vehicle. I used it as intended, to protect my firearms and gear. With the insert, my expensive tools stayed where I placed them. Without the insert, some stayed and others did not. Most of the time without the insert I found my gear huddled in a corner waiting to be rescued. The insert had what I would call a nice array of product locations. All the precuts were nearly perfect for everything I would travel with. Some things needed a little cutting to fit better.

Above Photo: You can see what happens without an insert and a brief car ride.

I liked that the precuts had incremental size plucks. For example, for my Glock 19 I could pull out the handgun section, but for a Glock 17 with a weapon mounted light and Trijicon RMR there were little cutouts that I could pluck just to increase the space needed for the slightly larger firearm and extra accessories. It is a terrific way to do the pre-cut sections giving options for lights and miniature red dot optics.

There was a small portion underneath the stock of the rifle that looked to be for a rolled-up sling. I do not roll my slings so I decided to have fun and cut it for a grenade I have lying around. It gave me a good chance to see how the foam cuts and it was very easy. I would describe it as cutting a firm loaf of bread. I also did a little science and wanted to really see how little moisture the foam would absorb so I dunked it in the pool alongside the pelican case OEM foam. The Eaton insert was equally wet but less absorbent compared to the sponge like effect the OEM open cell foam. Not super scientific but it shows some moisture absorption.


Overall, the Eaton tactical Innovations gun case insert worked as expected and had a few minor features that I really liked. I would easily recommend and have already recommended this insert to anyone that has a case or needs one. Excellent product, by great people and that is what I like to see from our firearms industry.

MSRP: $64.99 each via

Functionality: 5/5

Weight: 5/5

Durability: 5/5

Cost: 5/5

Overall Total: 20/20

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Eaton tactical Innovations gun case insert via Spotter Up. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.


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