Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

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Do not Lose your Long Vision

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To say that men don’t need reassurance would be a lie. However men must seek it out from the right sources and be courageous when things are uncertain. Today I was listening to old Gene Clark songs. He’s become popular again for a new generation. There was also a resurgence when hipsters flocked to Nick Drake after hearing one of his songs used in a car commercial. The savvy have always known. Life is odd like that.

Often times we toil without being acknowledged for our efforts. Fret not. Stay steady stay strong. Your knees and back are stronger than you think. Both men had stilted confidence and fragile egos after years of obscurity and many song failures. The work we do might not be recognized in our lifetime and even when it is there are challengers. Flat earthers dispute that the world is round.

An often mentioned story, if I remember correctly, is a challenger to Columbus mentioned that his accomplishment wasn’t such a big thing. Columbus bemusedly said to the gathered crowd, “try to make an egg stand upright” Challenger after challenger failed. Columbus cracked the end of the egg and made it stand upright. Those who failed shouted, “anyone could have done that!” To which Columbus replied, “but I was the first.” It took 33 years for Jeff Bodenweiser’s combat exploits to be publicized and for him to be awarded one of our nation’s highest military honors. Jeff finally was awarded a Silver Star for his heroism in Vietnam, where he served as a Marine officer. Bodenweiser led a bayonet attack and armed only with his .45-caliber M1911 pistol.

Use your brains, be patient, be strong, have confidence and know your worth. Your time will come either soon or in the hereafter!

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