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No That’s Not How it’s going to go Down

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“I’m a Navy SEAL and this is the way it’s going to go down. You’re going to walk away.” Those were the last words I heard him say before I crashed my fist into his mouth and stomped him on the ground. He wasn’t a SEAL and I wasn’t listening.

Sometimes you have to defy others and live your life opposite of what you are told. “No man, this is not the way it is going to go down.”

Sometimes you need to simply walk away and sometimes you have to stand your ground. Life gives out some hard lessons to all of us and if we’ve done more home work in our lifetime than the other student has then hopefully he’ll have to do detention and we get to go home when the school bell sounds off. If we’re good at reading his indicators we may have a chance at surviving a serious attack. Just this evening my buddy avoided a robbery and took two men down before an officer came and intervened. He was injured but alive.

Some people are very accepting of what others say or try to have us do as if it’s gospel. One of our jobs is to ensure that our opponent never reads our indicators and foresees how it can go down. We won’t always be successful at handling a potentially violent situation. Do not get into that car, do not give into that potential robber or rapist, do not let them win. Remember to never place yourself in a situation you cannot see yourself getting out of. Avoid them if you can but if it’s go time, then go. Bring him pain and be fast and violent.

“Hold Peace in Your Heart, Violence in Your Hands, a Plan of Action in Your Mind.”~Michael Kurcina

*my incident happened years ago. Some indicators: posture, positioning, tone of voice, hand movements, eye focus, breathing.

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