“No one gets out alive. Say your goodbyes. Now is the time to live your life.”~Michael Kurcina. What would you do if you knew that you only had a few short minutes to live? Would you face death with a smile? I recall my friend dying from brain cancer. He awoke in the night and ran screaming down the hallway. His mind was no longer there. I believe he sensed he just knew it, and feeling trapped he rushed out of that confining room towards freedom. The end was coming quickly. A strong man whose mind was ravaged by a tumor. A sedative was administered by the doctor, he went to sleep, in the morning he passed into heaven. That moment of a viral man knocked down, for me, has never sat right in my heart and mind. 30 years later I wonder about his wild ride from a farm boy, into a Marine in Vietnam, into a successful day trader and an influencer who changed lives. What will your story be? Don’t wait to live your life. Make sure someone gets out alive.



About The Author

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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