August 18, 2022

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

“No world should ever look dark to the man who still has some bullets for his gun.”~Michael Kurcina.

Never think defeat. Never give up hope. Hope lets you see light through the darkness. It tells you that you can do. The purpose and the plan for every one of us who purports to follow the tenets of the warrior life is to live vitality, to seek out challenges, to embrace our uniqueness, to go against the grain time and time and time again, and change the weak culture around us despite the losses to our self. We must give in to pain and discomfort until our mission is done. We must fight the hounds of Hell and all of the world’s pain, to seek out a cup that is purported to not exist so that an injured society can drink from it. We must do this without benefit of sword or spear or shield. All that we have is our courage and conviction. We must believe that what we do is just. Show men how to heal their hearts, to honor their vows, to hunger for life again, to stand tall again, and to eventually show other men the same. Be a light in the darkness. If you don’t then who will?


I AM A FREE MAN. If a man wants to wander, nothing-not even age, will cure that nomad of his itch. Man’s freedom begins as a child at home with his first act of disobedience but he loses it when he gives in—not with a forced consent, in order to integrate with society but his decision creates his existential contradiction until he can disentangle himself for a moment from the world. Only when he dreams deeply or travels does his spirit soar. He must sleep and close his eyes more, or live like never before, or break from the pack. Man will never be satisfied until he becomes what he potentially is, and until he does that he will be lost. He will experience one of the subtlest forms of mental suffering until he scratches his irritation. For some men, even age won’t stop that restless desire but traveling can help most men understand what they should produce. Traveling alone can help him get closer to understanding his place because he gets to revisit his original state with nature, and unencumbered he gets to choose. He becomes free again. *today take a road trip. Small road trip or large one, it doesn’t matter. Get outside.


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