November 27, 2020

Spotter Up

In Depth Tactical Solutions

King of Hearts. The Unit.

New series of artwork from Spotterup and the Saint Factory. We are releasing new art every week. At the moment interested buyers will be able to purchase posters, and eventually stickers and playing cards. Art can be purchased for individual art and also a collection such as a Royal Flush.

If we are out of stock a new order should take no more than 1 week from time of ordering and to be shipped to you.

100% Polyester Canvas Print 20″ x 28″

Poster Print 18″ x 24″

Canvas only, does not come with frame

King of Hearts. The Unit. We will release a version with pano gpnvg-18.

Beautiful Jet fighter pilot with baby. War takes its toll on relationships and families but heroes press on. Concept of art image is based on war, honor, service, sacrifice, the cost to families and heroes.

He doesn’t give a damn about your opinion unless it takes care of his men. The Jack. Marine M240 Gunner in MARPAT. Dangling a cigarette from his mouth. Breaking regs haircut, open blouse with no shirt. Young, strong, capable and irreverent. The Prince of the card deck.


From top left to top right, and then bottom left to bottom right. 1. Initial sketch with tshirt and rifle. 2. military blouse added and rifle corrected. 3. Button placed on blouse pocket. 4. Button removed and American flag corrected. The facing of the flag was incorrect. Black and white ink 4. 5. Colorized. 6. Correct multi-cam color used. Lower soldier image with flag facing the wrong direction. It is corrected in the current art.

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