Tom Cruise is set to return to reprise his role of Maverick and Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy, Only The Brave) is set to direct. The sequel also has a release date of July 12, 2019. Thanks to That Hashtag Show for the info:

Bringing Goose’s son into the film and into a relationship with Maverick is a bold step, but one that Cruise is banking on but not in the way some might think. From what we know, Goose’s son, Wrigley, and Maverick will NOT be having a mentor/mentee or father/son dynamic in the film; in fact, it appears they’ll have more of antagonistic relationship when the film begins, which could play off of a “you killed my dad” scenario.


Of course, it wouldn’t be Maverick if he weren’t chasing someone he maybe shouldn’t and Penny turns out to be the sister of Naval Admiral Robby Benjamin, call sign Caspar, who is NOT a fan of (you guessed it) Maverick’s me-first flying.

Here are some of the characters purported to be in the script:

RIOT FKA WRIGLEY: Supporting Male (20-29) Goose’s son. All-American good looks. Rode a football scholarship to an Ivy League degree. He is in love with Sugar. He distrusts Maverick and dislikes what he stands for, although they have a lot of similarities. Eventually, comes to respect Maverick and uses his techniques. He is forced to eject in enemy territory and Maverick comes to save him.

PENNY BENJAMIN Supporting Female (40-55) The mother of “Miriam” and sister of “Caspar.” She is tough and has been around pilots all her life. She resists Maverick at first, but his charm wears her down. Maverick falls in love with her and “Miriam.”

SUGAR Supporting Female (20-29) Latina. Cool and perfect. She has a sense of a loner and is out to prove herself to everyone. Naturally gifted leader. She and “Wrigley” fall for one another.

RYAN KENDRICK “KANSAS” Supporting Male (20-29) Southern-Charm. A laidback southerner who’s always smiling, which is part of his competitive charm.

TIM FLETCHER “OTTER” Supporting Male (20-29) Nerdy, but super competitive. A member of the class and eventually gives up his spot so Maverick can join the final mission.

KELVIN GARCIA “SHOTGUN” Supporting Male (20-29) Burly and earnest

CINDA CLARENCE “DRONE” Supporting Female (20-29) Sharp and tough

ADMIRAL ROBBY BENJAMIN “CASPAR” Supporting Male (50-69) No nonsense Texan, laid-back demeanor masks his intensity. One star admiral. He distrusts MAverick and doesn’t like his selfish attitude in the Sky. Caspar knows how gifted Maverick is, and eventually lets him join the final mission.

BOYD Supporting Male (50) A two-star general who takes no shit. Tough and weathered.

MIRIAM Supporting Female (10-12) Penny’s daughter.

CMC TOBIN MACRAE “ROWDY” Supporting Male (30-45) “Young, wiry” enlisted man. Maverick’s long-suffering Plane Captain



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