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Never Pay a Professional

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We should never pay a professional to fight for us for we end up selling a part of our soul away for a false sense of safety.”~Michael Kurcina.

Modern education omits a real understanding of who we are in its movement to equalize everything. Education has disintegrated because of relativism. Learn to fight in some way whether it’s verbal judo or straight up in the street jiu jitsu. Learn to think for yourself and to box for yourself so your thoughts are strong and your punches make connections. Whether it’s home schooling or home defense you should be involved in the deepest aspect of it rather than leaving it to others, like the government and it’s educators, to defend what you need, what you want and what you believe. Don’t presume that others will battle for you, or battle as well as you would battle. The ability to fight starts in the home and your children should think likewise.

In the absence of an integrated curriculum in life which starts at home youth begins to see the world in fragmented forms and misunderstands the unifying nature of the universe. The modern world stands against a collective truth and without truth how can one understand anything? Men must be able to think critically and not simply repeat what they’ve heard parroted a million times before just because it’s been stated by those in positions of power. A man who cannot rule over himself has no business ruling over others, and if he refuses to be educated as well then he has no business educating others nor will he ever be respected as the head of his home. This generation spends too much time mixing deep feelings with light thinking and we end up with boys that are spiritually dead.

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