Changing or Cancelling an Order

  1. Cancelling an OrderChanging Orders
  2. Reviewing Your Order
  3. Combining Your Order or Adding
  4. Canceling an Item or Orders


  1. Changing Orders

Please note that due to the quick turnaround time on fulfilling your order, we mignt not be able to modify your order. If you have to make a change, please contact us as soon as possible, so we can try to correct your order before it ships. For assistance please email

  1. Reviewing Your Order

For orders that have yet to ship, you’ll be able to review the order total, shipping address, payment method, and item availability via your Your Account page. For orders that have been shipped, you can confirm the date and method of shipment, an estimated date of arrival, and a tracking number, if applicable.

  1. Combining Your Order or Adding

If you wish to add an item to an open order, you’ll need to place a new order then combine that new order with your existing open order.

Conduct your purchase as you regularly would. Proceed to the Checkout to complete the order.

In the Order comments section you will be asked for any additional information which may help complete your order. Using the invoice number from your single order please enter this into the Order comments section, informing us that you would like to combine your orders. Please type, or copy and paste, “Combine this order with invoice #_______”.

Review the new combined order and click the Pay Now button and this will complete your order.

Note: We’re unable to combine or add items to the following types of orders:

  • To Orders where promotional funds have been applied.
  • To Orders with different currencies.
  • To Orders containing items that have yet to be released.
  • To Orders that are for replacement items generated by our customer service department
  • To Orders where items have already entered the shipping process.
  1. Canceling an Item or Orders

If your order has shipped it cannot be modified.