Put this on your radar. Another great piece of gear to get your hands on. The Stack denim jacket prices in at $ 485 but if you have the ducats it is well worth having a well fitting jacket that holds up to daily wear and tear. The Stack uses what the company notes as their Advanced Denim with 4-Way Stretch, DWR, and coldblack® Technology. It is water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and highly breathable.

Advanced Projects is Mission Workshop’s series of products designed and built with zero compromise. They are the pieces they create to push the limits of what is possible with materials technology and design.

The Stack Denim Jacket — their newest Advanced Project — brings an American classic, the denim jacket, into the future. Designed with the Mission Workshop aesthetic and made from ultra-high-performance 4-way stretch denim woven by Schoeller® in Switzerland, it is breathable, water-resistant, and made with a super-durable blended twill construction. This is going to follow the shape of your body, depending on the size you get, than traditional box cut tailored jackets like Levi’s. It will look good, provide comfort and offer better functionality than denim.

The Stack is sewn in small batches in New York City in one of the only U.S. factories capable of producing tailored technical garments that meet their exacting needle and finish standards.

  • Made in the USA from U.S and imported components.
  • Built to wear hard.

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