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The ultimate form of physical fitness is being able to survive as a warrior. Military Fitness Radio will set out to deliver real-world actionable steps to creating this level of physical fitness for anyone who wants it. PLUS A show I did a few months ago inspired a listener to try micro-dosing LSD for himself. Listen to what happened next.

Coach Morrison answers listener Chris Sicilia’s question about how and where to get started training PLUS Coach got electrocuted on a job recently. Did his high level of conditioning save his life?

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By Nate Morrison

Nate Morrison is a former USAF Pararescue team leader and US Army Special Operations Combat Medic. He is the founder of the Pararescue Combatives program and cofounder of the AFSOC Human Performance program. He was a military freefall, mountain warfare and special operations medical instructor. He is recognized world wide as the leading expert on military fitness training and combative human performance. He has vast experience in teaching a wide variety of special operations skill sets in the private sector to military, law enforcement and other government agencies. He is the founder of; specializing in full spectrum soldier and operator development to include human performance optimized equipment and TTPs. Visit his website at:

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