October 26, 2021

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The souls of all men are cast in the same mold but every man engraves his own heart.

Men and women have the ability to choose what kind of person they want to be. On any given day, you may feel good or bad, happy or angry, trusting or fearful. Do not let negative feelings rule over you. You should rule over them. Life experiences change the nervous system. Challenge the brain with physical and mental activity because it helps the brain maintain its structure and function. Every one of us, every human being, is made from a single pattern but we are able to break away from the overall mold that was used to replicate us.  We are human and we can choose to decorate the inside of our heart with light or dark patterns. We can engrave our heart deeply with perverse or beautiful patterns by cutting or carving intricate grooves into it. Choose wisely.

Today get out of negative think patterns. Do not see every event as a catastrophe. Shift to being grateful for your experiences from the past. Take a break from some of the self-destructive patterns that injure you, and find healthy outlets such as creating in order to discharge your negative feelings. See the bigger picture; everything you experienced in life happens for a reason; you might not understand it in the beginning but as time goes by you will see that your ultimate purpose is revealed. Paint, write a song, or draw.

Read Michelangelo: The Artist, the Man, and His Times by William E. Wallace

From the book We Make Ghosts

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