January 17, 2021

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Men are Natural Disasters

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There are two kinds of people in this world, winners and losers, right? How do you write a good tragedy about men? You don’t and you can’t because it will never be about what they are or were and the pain they experienced. But if you can do it well in my opinion you are a genius among men. If you are able to capture the suffering, the destruction that men experience and also about the pain and trauma that we create for ourselves and for others please let me know. We are natural disasters creating perfect storms in the lives of others and particularly for ourselves. We destroy everything that can save us and we also injure the ones willing to love us. But there is good in us too. Men like my now deceased buddy Frank brought a lot of hell in this world, and he experienced a lot of hell too. We laughed a lot, drank a lot and we broke a lot of stuff too. For a guy he was sometimes a human ashtray but he brought laughter in his own insane and eccentric way into a dark world. But I think he did more evil than good and so we no longer broke bread together. I don’t excuse the things he did. I don’t make excuses for twisted childhoods and broken adulthoods. Don’t ask me how to write about tragedies or comedies or any kind of story about men; because sometimes I simply just don’t know the proper thing to write…God will determine where they go. I don’t believe anyone can ever capture the story of their life. Let’s hope they go onto a better place than the one they had. Yeah brother I don’t have any problem shedding some tears for you but I save my biggest tears for mankind. RIP #BRO #DAMAGED #FRIEND photo credit @warjew.actual Greg in Spain

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