July 26, 2021

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Whether it be a half spent magazine, a can of monster or even a bag of moralibo, the humble dump pouch is a handy addition to anyone’s belt kit. With early dump pouches starting off as simple up scaled utility pouch. The market now, however, is virtually saturated with a large variety of dump pouches.

Big or small, open or closed, expensive or cheap. It’s easy to find a pouch that is ideal for you. But, the problem is there are so many that fit the bill it can be difficult to make decision. I myself have had to make that decision and opted for the Maxpedition RollyPoly Folding Gate Dump Pouch.

I went with a Maxpedition pouch as not only are they a trusted brand that have been around for a while but I’ve used some of their other bags and pouches in my time camping. I was, however, a little sceptical as to how their line of dump pouches would perform. I couldn’t find much feedback on the item and have yet to see anyone of notable experience use any of Maxpedition’s dump pouches.


Like I’ve said previously I was a little sceptical towards the pouch. My thinking being Maxpedition might have just made this product line as another source of revenue from its own trusted customers. Something we see all too much nowadays. My worries, though warranted, were quickly thrown out as soon as I got my hands on the product.

Made of 1000 Denier water resistant, light weight ballistic nylon (breathe) along with heavy duty and very tidy stitching you can tell that Maxpedition really brought their expertise to the design of the product.

Because of the material, it is a little stiff when opened up. So, if you like baggy dump pouches then maybe this isn’t for you. But, I recommend trying a stiff dump pouch at least once as in my experience there is less faffing about when it comes to dropping in magazines or other items when in a hurry. Certainly ideal for the range.

The only downside I found to the stiffness of the pouch is when diving around in prone it does tend to scoop up crap such as sand or dirt and although there is a large drainage hole in the base you still get left with a fair bit of crap at the bottom.

Size wise, it’s more than adequate for just about any item. It can hold about 7 STANAG magazines and the same amount of AK magazines. I did have a little worry of loose 5.56 rounds falling through the drainage hole in the bottom but it seems that the hole is just a bit too small for them to fit through.

You have a choice of having the pouch either open or closed thanks to an outer hook and loop patch allowing the retention flab to act as a lid. Should you want to leave it open, the retention flap tucks nicely into the pouch attaches to an inner hook and loop patch.

Unfortunately if you plan on using this on a MOLLE platform you will have to buy either some MALICE clips separately or do what I did and get handy with some paracord. There is some strange “patented” clip for attaching to a belt loop but I found this useless and the pouch swings about like nobody’s business.

There’s the added frustration for those who want ally colours/patterns as Maxpedition only offer flat subdued colours for their products. I went for the Khaki Foliage colour and should you want to spray this pouch at any point then I would say this would be the best colour to do it with.

The pouch does fold up into a nice little bundle which is great at first but after half a days use I found it a hassle to get the thing rolled back up so instead opted to fold it up flat like a regular dump pouch.


Despite not being the most “Tactical” of brands Maxpedition have done a great job of this pouch and I found it more than ideal for use during drills on the range. As for durability it really came as no surprise at how little to no wear the pouch actually suffered even after being dragged through gritty, wet sad and empty brass.

I probably wouldn’t use this out on exercise in a wood block as the stiffness of the pouch does lend itself to catching on stuff and random crap (such as guys throwing rocks into it) falling in. It is more suited to a range or hiking pouch role which is more obvious when you look at the option of colours. A lack of any kind of camo pattern is likely to put off anyone who doesn’t know their way around a can of kit spray paint.

My only real hang up on the pouch is the lack of MOLLE attachment. Though it does come with MOLLE strips on the back for the attachment of MALICE clips, paracord or MOLLE straps they should really thrown some MALICE clips in for a little extra money and toss that daft little “patented” belt loop clip.


I can’t recommend the pouch enough. It’s tough, well made and really spacious considering the size it rolls up in. It has earned a place on my gun belt for the time being and will definitely see a large amount of range time before it’s done.

Another upside to using the pouch is that it’s a little outside of the usual tactical brands most people use for dump pouches and attracts some interest when they find out it’s a Maxpedition pouch, making you look like a keen Kitpest.

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Cost– I managed to pick one up for £28.95 ($25.00) excluding delivery. This is a pretty standard price for most dump pouches but I think you get a little more quality for your money than most brands. Again, I’d like to see a couple MALICE clips thrown in for a but extra just for the sake of convenience. (Seriously, get rid of the belt loop clip!).

Value for money 1-5: 4. The quality of material and finish as well as the added extras such as water resistance and Teflon fabric protection to prevent grime and mould really show the experience and thought that has gone into this product. But, as mentioned before I would have really liked to have seen some MALICE clips included instead of Maxpedition pushing the belt loop clip which is quite frankly useless.

Ease of Use 1-5: 4. I’d really like to give this a 5. In fact I should because after all it is only a dump pouch. But the fact I had to piss about with tying the pouch on with paracord or having to source my MALICE clips to do it because of a daft little clip makes me give it a 4.

Construction 1-5: 5. Materials are great. Stitching is solid and the hook and loop although not Mil-Spec isn’t too shabby either. Along with the added extras like water resistance and even a drawstring closure this pouch is spot on. I particularly like the eyelet being too small for loose 5.56 rounds to slip through. Whether it was a deliberate feature or not it’s really handy. Not the belt loop clip though, it can bugger off.

Allyness 1-5: 3. Well it is only a dump pouch at the end of the day. And no matter how well built the pouch there isn’t really anything particularly exciting outside of using something not the “tactical” norm for this category. I’d also like to point out that the inclusion of the belt loop clip really makes this pouch look dumb and even dumber of you actually use it in that configuration, so do me a favour and throw the clip in the bin.

You can pich the pouch up here-

This original Kit Pest Review was written by Rob “Harley” Quin and is reposted here with their permission. Hopefully you enjoyed it and if you have any thoughts or comments related to this article then leave a comment!

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