Wed. Aug 12th, 2020

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Love Someone in Your Heart Every Minute

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In this life there is a hurt that we cannot control. We invest so much of our time in something or someone only to go on to be surprised when those things through our inaction made it all end in tears… The sad thing isn’t just that things ended, no, the sad thing in most cases is we had hunches they were ending but we didn’t do a damn thing to change course and stop the final action. A wife packed her bags and walked out the door, a brother committed suicide, we failed to protect the daughter we cared for from the boyfriend who didn’t, or we had a massive health decline all because we were wrapped up in ourselves, an obligation, or a life of lies…whatever the reason it hurts and I am sorry that you feel that pain. The tragedy that caused our suffering and disaster perhaps to us physically had a greater affect upon our psyche and in turn affected how badly it injured our soul. But life is not over if we don’t want it to be. This wound that we think we cannot control is regret and in the aftermath of our sorrowful events we are sitting in the dark with significant pain. Imagine if we took the time to treat our injury with the serious and dignified time it was due rather than prolonging it be wanting to prolong our suffering? We can’t revisit the past as it is done in fictional stories and undo what was done but we can devote the same amount of time tending to our wound. Whatever terrible event we caused or experienced mustn’t be ignored. Heal yourself and heal others. The terrible reality is most of us only pay heed to our spiritual health when it is broken and crippled us, and we in turn cripple others. Sometimes we cannot directly affect our own destiny but we can make decisions that help others, that grows their life, and can often indirectly bring peace and comfort back to us as well. Love someone in your heart every minute, fight some kind of fight every hour, teach someone one beautiful lesson everyday, in war be a terrifying person to terrible people, guide and protect the weak. Work on new and certain old relationships and feel less that sting of regret, rise each day with peace in your heart, and a wonderful plan of action.

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