September 26, 2022

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Love and War Patch

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Study Your Lover Just like you Study War. “It always blows my mind how a man can make intense war with men and yet make indelible love to a woman but this bifurcation makes sense and its necessary. It’s necessary for us to channel our aggression straight into the enemy when it’s needed in times of danger, and it’s necessary to channel love into our lover’s heart when that time comes. We take away her fear and she takes away our pain.

Like two pulses of electric current joined at the hip. Two arcs of invisible fire within two souls. Sometimes we can truly connect and intertwine. We should never see our lover as our foe.

A movie that really captures the strength and gentleness of a warrior, and a character we should all aspire to emulate, is Maximus-Russel Crowe’s character in the movie Gladiator. He is a men among men; fearless, powerful, a leader and he is a caring husband and a loving father. There are men like this in our world. Find them and learn from them.

Men are often so quick to study warfare and weapons that deliver the best destruction but they spend little time understanding their lovers. Study them. Find out what moves them. Learn what their needs are. Study them as much as you study the blade, the gun, and all those ways of delivering death. Study love.

Love them completely, refrain from speaking harsh words, honor your vows, be a man and not a boy. Sharpen your weapons for war and dull your tongue when you’re talking to her. Good luck and try to stay off the sofa you fools.” 

A spotter is trained to look for things. In our Spotter Up logo, our Spotter is the omniscient strategist who looks at problems through a lens of opportunity. He sits atop his tower and holds command over the 360 degrees around him, as represented by the eight arrows, (six in view) in our black and white circular logo. From his line of sight, he can see around, above, below and beyond a problem. He isn’t stuck using the same movements, as a rook chess piece would do, because he breaks the rules when the rules plainly don’t make sense. He capably navigates himself around threats, and can go anywhere.

A Spotter is the known as the  consummate Chessman. He identifies issues, gathers information on the threats, devises a plan, and executes it successfully. In heraldry, the skull represents victory of life over death, and our spotter tower is a fortress that is a testament to his ability. Sometimes success is achieved by looking inside rather than beyond, and it is gained by listening to what you ‘know’. He is the sentinel that watches over others, himself, and learns in order that he can point the way out of danger.

AUT INVENIUM VIAM AUT FACIAM-I will either find a way or I will make one.

Legend has it that the military commander Hannibal said this to his generals after they told him it was impossible to cross the Alps on elephants.

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