“There are moments when we look at our past with an equal amount of fondness and pain. I think for most of us youth seemed largely like something that would never run out. Now that we’re older it seems we live to prevent memory and meaning ebbing from us any longer. We can’t stop the first nor even the second from occurring. When we stop doing heroic things, when we stop trying to make a difference in this world our life seems filled with paradoxes. We seem to only have purpose when we’re moving; life seems less confusing. What should be our purpose? Lost in mazes sometimes but this is true, that we are born to live and die. If we’re going to succeed at whatever we do we’ve got to learn from the past but there is no asylum back there, our place of respite is ahead. New purpose and new meaning are ahead. We must look at the town we left from our place on the hill and make our way fearlessly towards the horizon and that town nearby. What you’re looking for very likely is there. Travel without hesitation Don’t ever give up. Keep moving in order to find your way.”~Michael Kurcina


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About The Author

Mike credits his early military training as the one thing that kept him disciplined through the many years. He currently provides his expertise as an adviser for the DoD. Michael Kurcina subscribes to the Spotter Up way of life. “I will either find a way or I will make one”.

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