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Live to Carry Thrown Stones Back

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We’re told that thousands of years ago the old kings followed a bright star in order to find a young king gifted with the power to absorb the world’s pain. The child grown into a man uttered caution to a mob, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her.”

Today in the Middle-East youth throw stones as a matter of protest or a way to cause damage or pain, causing death too is even an option. Sisyphus of Greek myth was punished to push a large one for eternity up a hill, and we are cautioned that we should never throw them at “glass houses” if we are vulnerable to criticism. But stones too can be used for building and decorative purposes, industrial and worship purposes too. The ancients tried to pile it up to reach the heavens as Babel and were punished for it, others created a large one to hold small pictures in what we know as the Rosetta Stone.

Isn’t it fascinating that a meteor so rarely found upon this earth, is seemingly priceless? What we call a stone from a shooting star is simply, common space debris.

In this time where social media is so ubiquitous so many foolish people have a mouthpiece to pop off their ignorant opinions. Let them. People are attacked for being too fat, too rich, too intense, too contrived, whatever it is let them pop off. We live at a time where stones will be thrown at us. What we need to do is see that for every single stone thrown at us it is an opportunity for us to get stronger.

Let men criticize all they want, whether they sit behind a keyboard or stand in front of you it is an opportunity to master self-control, patience, compassion, and spiritual growth. Know the stones value. I’m not an advocate for pacifism but I do not believe that every attack should be met with a fist. Much of what is thrown at us is simply a pebble to me. Grow by realizing that when you offer men the ability to crush you, that you can only get stronger. Let them be what they’re going to be, while you grow as tough as the stones tossed at you.

“Live not just to have the world throw stones at you but live to carry them back.”~Michael Kurcina

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