June 23, 2021

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Live Forever

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“Years and years of sad memory pressed unexpectedly upon Julian as he struggled to rise uneasily from his mattress, but he couldn’t rise. He felt like a 60 year old man living in the body of a 20 year old. The oppressive heat pushed him down into his bed and smothered him into that place where he always struggled to dream. Like a heavy, ocean swell it undulated and drove him and his indomitable patience into a deep sleep until finally he dreamed a savage dream.

Julian’s wanderings began because he couldn’t mold his inessential musings into something shapely. He was lost. He was brought then into the vastness of Paris one warm evening while her shining lights sparkled coolly and things seemed the darkest in his resentful life. When the splendid things vanished in the lives of the most impatient of men some of them came searching for just a trace of the everlasting. Some catch a fever for immortality, and in doing so they erased their past by forgetting everything, hoping just hoping the future molded them into something worthy of remembering. ”~Michael Kurcina.

One day over a cup of tea I’ll waste your time and tell you boring stories about my life 📸 Legionnaire.

DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR TIME. Get off the freakin Xbox. It doesn’t matter if what you attempted amounted to precious little, at least you can tell the naysayers to piss off because you actually tried at something that took some balls, and they didn’t. The critics will never count. Remember that. Men like to scoff when you fail, men like to laugh because you entertain an idea but at least you had thoughts about leaving, because you had thoughts about improving, because you had a handful of courage when their hands were empty, because you actually gave a damn. #legion

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