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Listen to the Voice

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What if I told you that there was a beautiful river that we could swim in, and I said jump into it, would you go with me? What if I told you the water was warm and the streams were gentle, would you get in and see where it went? What if I told you that you would feel peace and also at times a certain elation would you be open to feeling it? What if we went deeper and deeper and deeper down the river and it got a bit darker, would you be anxious? What would you do if you heard the sound of a waterfall and saw where the water dropped off just beyond your line of sight, would you hesitate?

What if you began to get carried down the fall and you had to hold onto a rock with both hands, and you started screaming and I told you that you have to let go to see what is on the other side? What if I told you that you must let go, that if you don’t let go that you’ll never go, would you let go? What if I told you that you were alone and I wasn’t going to be your guide. Would you learn to follow your own path? Sometimes life is like that, we have no mentors and we don’t know how to filter out good or bad advice. And despite having lots of facts sometimes it just comes down to taking action and jumping into the unknown. You followed me when the path was easy so why not follow me when it’s hard? Why are you hesitating to my voice? We have no idea what is waiting for us but if all we ever do is live anxiously what good will that do for us? Go out there and give it an honest try. Let Go Of Fear.

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