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Listen to the Songs of Earth

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Be a seeker of good things and a beacon to the weak. “We are strangers to ourselves and clueless to the power that resides in the dark thicket of our own mind. Liken hope to a writhing fox chewing at its bloody leg, its little heart pulsing frenetically as it struggles to be freed. It wants to run but cannot. This tangle too thick that even the hounds of doubt our mind sent to destroy it even believes everyday is night. We should live in harmony with ourselves but cannot penetrate the web of odd mysteries of our mind. Behind the leaf, beneath the root and rock, above the tree crown and buried deep behind the roughest tendrils cries our greatest self and it weeps to be set free. Memory and forgetfulness wrestle no matter the season and one will win. Let something good come from the songs of earth before the magic is gone, before we forget forever who we are meant to be.” ~Michael Kurcina @spotterupdude

So, am I writing some airy fairy stuff? No…The mind knows what to do if we allow it to we can get onto the path of self actualization but some people don’t want to do the work, and they don’t want to follow a dedicated path. They have no goals at all in mind. Instead they get distracted by worldly pleasures and things that do nothing for them in the long run. Don’t start to doubt yourself too much. Believe in what you can be: great, an influence, and much more… Do something with your life before time bleeds out from you.

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