Mon. Sep 21st, 2020

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Let Us Find Our Place in this World

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“Until we understand our place in this world we are essentially a small some thing, yet not part of all things. We are an ember and not a fire, we are a drop and not a river, we are a voyeur and not a doer. Every man should hope to wrestle an angel at least once in his lifetime to discover the power held in heaven, and to get a sense of hell where there are the unnamed, the unguessed, and the horrors unwanted. One day with our own eyes and ears let us hope to see what we must see, and hear what we must hear. Let us be formed out of a spiritual formlessness, to be indispensable men in a world of the dispensable. Let us know our place and our worth. We cannot just take another man’s word. We were birthed from dust and will end as ashes just as the earth will one day end in ashes and it all will return into the hands that made us. Until then let us fight with every last breath in us to stay in this grand fight of life.”~Michael Kurcina 📸 @dodger8727

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