Sat. Sep 26th, 2020

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Let Life Come at You Suddenly

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“I rise from my sleep often and nightly. It’s an exercise that I do to see the world through my soul and not with my eyes. In my exhaustion my mind perceives the world and my existence through another portal. I rise up and feel the light of the stars, feel the night, and feel elation. Like a dog that comes to me I feel her purpose, I feel her same joy , I feel that the pup wants me, she wants my attention, she wants me unconditionally. Life smothered under a blanket of darkness kicks and fights to stay alive. Like a mask pulled from my head, I no longer live in fear, I want to take the risk to see the world as I should see it, and live it as I should live it, and not be afraid of the commonness that daily terrorizes.” WAKE UP and feel life.

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